The Wellness Program represents our ongoing commitment towards life-enriching sustainability. Through it, we seek to revitalize, enrich, and cultivate a flourishing, natural life here in Haiti. Our holistic approach focuses primarily on our artisan community, but we are confident in the ripple effect it will have for generations to come. We believe in addressing systemic poverty issues at the ground level. It is vital to address root problems individuals face in areas of health, environment, and economy in addition to the stability that comes with job security. We know poverty is about more than just a lack of financial means. The Wellness Program is our approach to encouraging the progression of an individual as a whole- through preventative measures, not just reactive aid. 

The main pillars on which we focus to build this movement are:

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We desire to bring back to life natural living practices which have been abandoned in the city. We want to honor the past and respect the land we call home. We are shifting all processes with the goal of minimal waste and a reduced carbon footprint, working towards sustainable energy, recycling, and support of local farmers and merchants.

We seek to better lives through focus on health and nutrition. Through group exercise, nutritional counseling, and urban gardening classes, we encourage preventative healthcare and well-being. These activities take place on our Wellness Rooftop. Consistent access to clean water and nutritious lunches will be provided daily. 

We see a vision of these simple, healthy practices spreading within families, friends, and communities. We have created a peaceful, zen-filled environment for individuals to share and grow. The Wellness Rooftop is a community center to encourage cultivating relationships, sharing information, and mobilizing social activities for the good of the community. 

To help continue bringing this vision come to life, we need your support.

The Wellness Rooftop is a zen-filled educational & community center built on top of the Haiti Design Co workshop.

The Wellness Rooftop houses our rooftop garden and it also the location of community development meetings, yoga & fitness classes, and educational seminars.


1)  SPONSOR  the Wellness Rooftop

NEST Sponsor: $5 - $250
WELLNESS sponsor: $250 - $500
REJUVENATE sponsor: $500 - $1000
GUARDIAN Sponsor: $1000+