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The Artisan Incubator Program exists to support the development of independent, Haitian artisan-based entrepreneurs through the following pillars-

Through this program, we desire to work hand-in-hand with our artisan leaders to provide the training and resources they need to become master craftsmen and women and to create products that can be competitive in the international marketplace. 

C U R R E N T  P R O J E C T

Master Leatherwork Artisan Training IN FLORENCE, ITALY

After seeing an increase in demand and great potential for further job creation, in 2019 we will be focusing on supporting the leaders on our leather team through further advanced skill-training.

We will be sending our most promising Haitian leather artisans to a traditional leather-working school in Florence, Italy. The program lasts 3 months and we are confident that the cultural exchange and high-level training will have a drastic impact and ripple effect on our leather artisans and create more opportunities for economic growth in Haiti. This further training will allow the artisans to expand their product offering, allowing them to expand into their own businesses. This will not only greatly support the individuals, but also their communities, the future of their businesses,  and their families. The In order to do so, we need to raise $30,000 for the tuition, materials, and housing.  Please consider partnering with us and donating above. 

I N C U B A T O R   T E A M S

We believe that sustainable development must be rooted in local leaders. because of this, our efforts are directed with a strategic “quality over quantity” mindset.

The Artisan Incubator Program currently works with 5 independent teams and 3 in-house teams in the development of artisan business in beadwork, woodwork, aluminum casting, metalwork, horn, bone, sewing,  jewelry making, & leatherwork.


There are several ways to support these artisan groups. You can give directly, knowing that 100% of your gift will go directly to the projects. You can also shop our products. As as a non-profit using a sustainable business model, our overhead cost is covered by sales. You can support these artists by checking out our MAKER'S BOX, a curated collection of handmade items straight from the artists themselves, or you can shop the HDC collection. 

Men anpil, chay pa lou // MANY HANDS MAKE THE LOAD LIGHTER