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A T    H A I T I    D E S I G N    C O L L E C T I V E . . .

 we are firm believers in a meaningful connection between artisan and customer.

Although distance, culture, and experience may separate us, we feel that there is unity in thoughtful design and quality products, and that when we acknowledge that, we can lighten each other's load and create a lasting impact. 

The Maker’s Box is your chance to connect with a Haiti Design Co artisan, hear their story, and receive a thoughtfully made product direct from their studio. We release a new Maker’s Box four times a year—one for each season. You can purchase an individual Maker’s Box, or you can order an annual subscription to get the latest box delivered straight to your door!

W O O D W O R K   +   M E T A L W O R K

J E W E L R Y   +   L E A T H E R W O R K


B E A D W O R K   +   A L U M I N U M

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S E W I N G   +   H O R N

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The winter Box features exclusive sewn goods and ethically gathered, hand formed horn & bone pieces from two of our artisan teams.

You'll receive a 5-8 piece surprise, exclusive collection from our Makers. 

*Winter Box ships out by Dec. 5th*

($150 retail value)

$59 // 1 box

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C U S T O M E R   R E V I E W S


"I am LOOOOVING all the goodies that arrived in my Spring season Maker's Box by @haitidesignco! Seriously, every single item is something I would pick out on my own. And my favorite part is that HDC provides sustainable jobs for more than 150 men and women in Haiti. And even more personal, they sent information about the talented artisans who designed these specific products. Nice work, Andre & Cenice! I'm a fan! #SupportTheMakers #MoreThanAManufacturer"



"The makers box is a thoughtful collection of a quality goods for an incredible value! I loved the variety in the products and that they all have their own story and maker."


"It's a pretty day for some weekend travel! Using my @haitidesignco clutch from the Maker's Box I received a few weeks back! Such a cool way to support an amazing company! #morethanamanufacturer



"The @haitidesignco Maker's Box has arrived! Love all of the pretty, handmade things that just showed up on my doorstep and how HDC connects me with so many talented Haitian artisans and their stories. I'm inspired by this Haitian proverb that came with my box:

SONJE LAPLI KI LEVE MAYI OU // Remember the rain that made your corn grow."