Led by: Renel Laguerre

Specialty: Recycled Steel Art

Established: 2014

Team Members: 5

Location: Tabarre, Haiti


We partnered with Boss Renel and his recycled steel metal art business in 2013. Hurricane Sandy wiped out his workshop in 2012, and since then he was trying to build his business back up. Through new design collaborations, quality control training, and business management training, Renel was able to increase his abilities and capacity by creating jobs for other men in his community. His process begins with an old oil drum purchased at the port. He then flattens this oil drum and carefully hammers out the mold of the product he is creating. From there Renal will intricately hammer in the design by hand and sand and polish until the product is complete. This form of crafted metal art is one of Haiti's traditional and most well known artisan crafts.