Are you looking for larger scale production with exclusive designs for your fashion accessories based brand?

We work with 8 different artisan teams across Haiti to give our customers a wide variety of unique, authentic, handmade designs that are made through our signature “Holistic Employment” model. We are looking for partnerships that value transparent, quality production that prioritizes the well-being of our artisans, their communities, the environment, and the further advancement of Haiti.

We specialize in working with brands to develop products that take traditional techniques, local and up-cycled materials, and turn them into fashion forward designs that are not just competitive in the fair-trade space, but in the international fashion market.

We are able to produce custom leather goods, Jewelry, handbags, & home accessories with the following techniques & materials:

  • Ethically gathered horn & bone

  • Woodwork

  • Sand casted aluminum

  • Recycled steel

  • Woven Beadwork

  • Jewelry Assembly in a variety of techniques

  • Sewn products & embroidery

  • Hand & machine stitched leatherwork

If interested in applying to be a Private Label Partner, please fill out the application below.

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Private Label Partner Application

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