Economics + Budgeting Seminar

Last month, HDC held a seminar on “Understanding Basic Economics in Order to Budget Well”


“I think this training happened at an essential time. With inflation rising to an almost unlivable level in Haiti, the cost of living has risen considerably, and it has become harder and harder for Haitians to cope with rising costs in order to support themselves and their families. We always want to try and support our artisans and equip them with training as life continues to get harder, and I think simply having a conversation on how to budget and save money when you feel like you can’t save anything at all, was very helpful. Many of our artisans stated that they have since applied some budgeting principles that they learned in the training, and some have said that they have given more effort towards paying off debt, and working towards accomplishing their goals. “ - Courtney Sanon, HDC Social Programs Coordinator

This training helped me learn how I can limit my spending, start saving, and start thinking more about my future and how I can manage my finances better!
— Anne Rose