Art - by Jerry

Our advanced English class was tasked with writing an essay about something that is important to them - and to document it with a roll of film and a disposable camera. We loved every bit of reading their work, and what it reveals about the beauty of Haitian culture and the people we get to work with.


My name is Jerry and I am a artisan working at Haiti Design Co. There are many definitions of art, but instead of trying to provide the meaning of what art is, I want to give you a glimpse of what art looks like in Haiti, and why it is important for us.

In Haiti there are so many different accessories and styles. Even in just our workshop, you will find a variety in our collection. We have products at our workshop made with paper mache, horn and bone, metal work, aluminum casting, leather, beadwork, wood, and fabric. There are so many things that give us inspiration. Our trees, their leaves, the shape of our houses, our valleys, our mountains, the color of our beaches, there are so many different things that artists can gain inspiration from. 


Art is something that you can learn by studying, by practicing, and through observation. But in Haiti, art is something that we learn to do not only because we are passionate about it, but because it helps us to earn a living.

Art helps us to grow relationships with other countries, and it helps to change Haiti’s image as a country that is beautiful and resourceful. Art shows a different side of Haiti, a side that represents the good in our country. 

Art is a reason for people from all over the world to come and visit Haiti, and to meet so many great people and professional artisans.