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In Haiti, we have so many different kind of hairstyles that it has become a real art. And this is something that I feel excited to write about because it is part of my field of work as well.

When I was little, it was difficult for my mom to do my hair in the morning before school. My hair was so kinky and different that she used to create different styles that would be able to last for a while, so that she wouldn’t have to do my hair every day. The styles that she often chose were Ti Kouri, which are twists, and Ti Tres, which are little braids.

I started to style my own hair when I was ten years old because it become such a hard task that I was the only one who could do it. I began to love it. I loved combing through my hair every day, and even though my braids and twists weren’t traced very well or styled perfectly, I was pretty proud of myself back then.

I continued to do my own hair until eventually I became really good at it and other people started to really like the styles I came up with, and I began styling other people’s hair. It became a passion for me, and it soon became a way that I could also earn money, as so many people began coming to me to style their hair.

There are so many different kinds of styles in Haiti. Braids, twists, cornrows, buns, fishtails, curls, ringlets, waves, and braids that are intricately braided into other braids. Hairstyling is truly an art in itself.

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