Meet the Makers: Summer 2018

The Summer Maker's Box is one to behold - beadwork and aluminum casting artisans bring you the best of their workshops, and you get to learn more about their lives, in turn. By ordering your Maker's Box, you lean into the connection that we all have with the makers of every product we buy, and step closer into the Haiti Design Collective family. 

Meet Maggie: Beadwork

Maggie- beadwork.jpg

My name is Maggie Joseph and I started working with HDC when we began the VAK branch in O Cap. Before getting this job, I was always in a situation where I was constantly obligated to take out loans, but since having a steady job with VAK, I have never had to borrow money- which is very empowering. I would love that our customers know and realize what a difference they are truly making. There are so many women in my neighborhood that watch me go to work every day, and they often come to the workshop looking for a job. Every product our customers have purchased have given so many people steady jobs that help support their families, and every product they will buy in the future will give even more steady jobs. I want to see VAK grow and make progress, and I want to help my children to receive a good education so that they can go far in life. I’m very proud of the work I do at VAK, and am proud of the way our team collaborates together.