Social Programs Report: Business Seminar


This month, we held a seminar for micro-business and entrepreneurship, and our goal was to train our employees on how to manage a business well. We have many employees who have their own side businesses and others who are interested in starting their own business. We wanted to focus the training on how to manage a business in order for it to grow and flourish, how to make a profit in the correct way, and how to manage personal expenses and business expenses separately. Our hope for this training was to motivate people to start their own businesses to further support their families and to grow the local economy, and to offer helpful skills and knowledge for people to grow their own business.

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Every participant that I spoke with following the training had nothing but great things to say about the training. Many of our employees were so inspired and motivated to start their own business and apply everything they learned, and those that are already managing their own business spoke of the many things they learned and how they would change the way they manage their businesses in order to run them more effectively. In fact, every participant said yes to doing the second half of this training

From here, we will follow up by having each participant make specific goals after the training to see if the apply what they learned in their businesses, and to see if it is worth continuing to offer business training like this one.


“This training has given me a lot of motivation for my business, along with different strategies I can take to improve and grow. I learned how essential it is to reflect on my community’s needs in starting a business and not to simply create a business for my own needs.”
— Fedras

About the Author

Courtney Sanon lives in Port au Prince, Haiti with her husband Jimmy and their two adorable dogs. Courtney is the Social Programs Coordinator at Haiti Design Co. and is also the founder and director of Ansanm Haiti, which supports family preservation and community development in rural areas of Haiti.