The Results are in... 2017 Impact Report

Tracking impact is an important part of what we do at HDC. By understanding our growth, not only by numbers, but by attitudes, confidence, empowerment, and motivation, we understand the true impact of our Education and Wellness Programs.

The best stories come from it, too. 

With the money saved up from our finance program, Save for Tomorrow, Lidel was able to save enough money to buy a motorcycle. He now has his own form of transportation to get to work, but uses this motorcycle to make money on the side as a taxi driver - which he says has been amazing for him. 

In addition to trainings about personal finances, 2017 brought classes about nutrition, positive thinking, community gardening, and family planning.

See more of the impact last year has brought below:

2017 Impact Report

But the goodness doesn't stop here.
We will continue to see growth and flourishing in 2018, thanks to our HDC family and advocates.

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