Training Spotlight: Sere Pou Demen

Salaus Maitre, our in-house personal finance mentor for our Sere Pou Demen program, held a budgeting training this month to teach on the ideas of setting financial goals and taking steps to reach them.

“I had several goals for this training. First of all I wanted everyone who attended the seminar to leave with a better grasp of how to prioritize their goals and to make their goals more clear and attainable. I wanted them to leave with the understanding of how to create and evaluate a budget, and to have a better grasp on how their money is being spent and how to go about understanding that better.


I felt that the training went very well. I have had so many people who attended the training that came up to me the following week and talked to me about how they were changing their spending habits and were sticking to the budget they created. I even had one participant use my own advice against me in order to stick to their budget and not spend carelessly. That made me so excited and happy to see the training being practically lived out!” - Salaus

“I really liked this training. It helped me to understand the basics of how to create a budget that is manageable. I now feel like I have the necessary understanding to know how to spend wisely in order to stick to the budget I have created.” - Abraham

“This training really helped me to understand how to manage my finances and how I need to limit my spending so that I don’t end up wasting my money, and instead I can reach my goals.”
— Clairna

The Sere Pou Demen program is a customized education and savings programs provided to our artisans for the purpose of land & home investment, furthering their education, and business start-up. 

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