Meet the Makers: Winter 2018


Every product is made by a person -
Here are the faces behind this season’s Maker’s Box goods:

Ostine: Sewing

Haiti has everything a person can need, but a lot of people feel obligated to leave because they can’t find a way to provide for their families. HDC has given me a job to not only use my skills, but provides me with a way to remain in the country that I love and provide for my family. This work is so, so good for my family. Thanks for purchasing our products, as every product we sell allows us to keep doing a job we love.
— Ostine

GILBERT : Horn + Bone

I love how delicate this work is, and love refining our materials to make them into the design we want. I have become really close to the members of my team. We always have so much fun together, are always positive, and live like a family.
— Gilbert

Order the Winter Edition of the Maker’s Box, featuring products from the Sewing and Horn + Bone Teams: