Bon Kanaval!

We are in the midst of Carnival season here in Haiti! A festive time leading up to Mardi Gras, Carnival is when bands release new music and the streets are filled with colorful costumes, paper mache masks, food vendors, and big parades. 

Another tradition unique to Haiti is a celebration called "Rara." Rara features bands of people dressed as costumed characters playing a variety of home-made instruments. You can see these celebrations lining the streets in Port-au-Prince as well as in surrounding cities throughout the country. 

Overall, Carnival is a joyous time of celebration where people band together to enjoy music, food, and playful performances satirizing the current political environment. Haiti is home to one of the largest Carnival seasons in the Caribbean and North and South America, making it a popular time for travelers to visit and join in the festivities!