Meet Madam Mona, Haiti Design Co-op's very own momma

Never one to hold back her unsolicited advice, we have all learned that Mona knows best. She is a kind, wise and loving mother hen always looking out for the needs of those around her. Mona is always dressed in her Sunday best, makes a mean batch of Haitian pickles (spicy slaw), and in her down time can be found perusing Facebook and chatting on WhatsApp.

 Here are a few important pieces of advice that Mona has given us throughout the years:

  1. Yoga gives you colds. 
  2. If you walk on wet floors when barefoot, lady cramps will be worse. 
  3. If you drink a lot of cold water, lady cramps will be worse. 
  4. If you are a runner, your chances of bearing a child will decrease. 
  5. Mangos make your neck hurt. 
  6. Rats will eat your feet at night if you don't shut your door. 
  7. Don't fall in love with a lazy boy.
  8. If you treat everyone with respect, you'll find people that will protect you on the streets.
  9. To raise a child well, you need a good entourage around them. 
  10. If you truly love someone your heart knows it.

Always keeping us on our feet and in check, we think that everyone should have a Mona in their life. So much love for this woman from the HDC team.